Touristic offers

Historical - Cultural - Natural - Worth living

The district of Anhalt-Bitterfeld is rich in (historical) sights and things worth experiencing. Both tourists and locals appreciate and are keen to take advantage of the diversity. In addition, a wide range of gastronomic offers lure the visitors and make them "stop and enjoy". Come with us and check it out!

Historical facts:

  • KÖTHEN (ANHALT): Residential Castle of Köthen with Hall of Mirrors and Chapel, Historical Museum of Mittelanhalt & Bach Memorial, European Library for Homeopathy and House of Hahnemann, Ornithology Historical Naumann Museum, Prehistoric Collection
  • ZERBST/ANHALT: Zerbst Residence Palace with Catherine II Collection, Historical City Wall with battlements, Cavalier House with City Archive, City House
  • SOUTHERN ANHALT, Gröbzig district: Synagogue museum, Spinndüsenmuseum
  • REPPICHAU DISTRICT: Art project of Sachsenspiegel
  • AKEN (ELBE): Museum of local history
  • ZÖRBIG (ANHALT) Museum of local history with castle tower
  • BITTERFELD-WOLFEN: Industry and Film Museum, District Museum

Theatre, stage, festival:

  • KÖTHEN (ANHALT): Bach Festival, International Viola da Gamba Competition - Bach-Abel, Köthener Herbst
  • ZERBST/ANHALT: Cultural Festival Days, International Fasch Festival
  • BITTERFELD-WOLFEN: Concerts in the gallery at the Ratswall,
  • MULDESTAUSEE: Springbreak Festival in Pouch

Nature sites, nature reserves, water adventures:

  • Landscape park and lake district Goitzsche with round trips, harbour facilities, bathing beaches, cycle path, bird sanctuary
  • Dübener Heide Nature Park
  • Water hiking on Elbe and Mulde
  • AKEN (ELBE): Camping and swimming at the Acacia pond
  • BITTERFELD-WOLFEN: Landscape conservation area of Fuhneaue
  • MULDESTAUSEE: Mulde reservoir with information centre "Haus am See" (House by the sea) in Schlaitz and nature trail, erratic boulder garden at the Gröberner See
  • RAGUHN-JESSNITZ: Salegaster Forest
  • SOUTHERN ANHALT: Edderitz seaside resort

Worth seeing and experiencing for family and friends:

  • Elbe Cycle Route, European Cycle Route R1, Mulder Cycle Route, Fuhn Cycle Route, Fläming Cycle Route
  • Riding stables, riding clubs, western riding, horse shows: in Greppin, Köthen (Anhalt), Zerbst/Anhalt, for instance
  • KÖTHEN (ANHALT): Rosenmontag parade and carnival, children's world with indoor playground, Köthen zoo, Köthen swimming world
  • ZERBST/ANHALT: Asparagus festival, Bollenmarkt, trade exhibition (GfA), animal enclosure in Güterglück and Reuden, Alpakahof Zernitz, adventure pool and public swimming hall in Zerbst
  • RAGUHN-JESSNITZ: Maze Altjeßnitz with annual baroque garden party
  • ZÖRBIG (ANHALT): Castle festival, Quetzdölsdorf high ropes course, Zörbig public swimming pool
  • AKEN (ELBE): City Festival
  • BITTERFELD-WOLFEN: Bitterfelder Bogen, gauge tower at the Bernsteinsee, Goitzsche Marathon, harbour festival, children's and youth ballet, water centre, animal enclosures in Bitterfeld and Greppin, greyhound race Bitterfeld, swimming pool Heinz Deininger in Bitterfeld, adventure pool Woliday in Wolfen
  • MULDESTAUSEE: Buchdorf Mühlbeck-Friedersdorf