EWG is a service provider for companies, parties interested in settling down in the Anhalt-Bitterfeld rural district and territorial authorities located in the said rural district.

We foster and coordinate cooperation between companies and parties interested in founding operations, and institutions, associations, the political sector and administrative entities.

We campaign for both your future and the growth of Anhalt-Bitterfeld as a business location.

We will provide you with quick, competent and free advice.

Our portfolio:


Team of the EWG Anhalt-Bitterfeld mbH

General manager
Elena Herzel
Tel.: +49 3494 6579127
E-mail: e.herzel(at)
Elena Herzel
Executive board office
Katrin Wagner
Tel.: +49 3494 6579126
E-mail: info(at)
Kathrin Wagner
Authorised officer
Stephan Spehr
Tel.: +49 3494 6579128
E-mail: s.spehr(at)
Stephan Spehr
Project manager
Silva Preuss
Tel.: +49 3494 6579123
E-mail: s.preuss(at)
Silva Preuß
Project manager
Theresa Rienäcker
Tel.: +49 3494 6579124
E-mail: t.rienaecker(at)

ego.-WISSEN Project manager/Foundation consultant
Martina Bosse
Tel.: +49 3494 6579125
E-mail: ego.pilot(at)
Martina Bosse
ego.-WISSEN Project assistant
Helgard Ziegler
Tel.: +49 3494 6579122
E-mail: h.ziegler(at)
Helgard Ziegler