Structural Reinforcement Act for Mining Regions

The Structural Reinforcement Act for Mining Regions (Directive StStG (German)) provides a total of up to 40 billion euros by 2038 "for a transformation process toward a largely greenhouse gas-neutral economy and society in Germany by mid-century."

The law is designed in two branches. 26 billion euros is provided and controlled by the federal government. Further 14 billion euros are allocated to state funding. 12% of the total amount is allocated to the Saxony-Anhalt funding area, which consists of the Burgenlandkreis, Saalekreis, Halle (Saale), Mansfeld-Südharz and Anhalt-Bitterfeld districts. With the involvement of these stakeholders, fields of action for Saxony-Anhalt are currently being developed. EWG represents the interests of Anhalt-Bitterfeld in this committee. In addition, we accompany the strategy process in the district.

Investment measures of municipalities and municipal associations in the mentioned areas are supported. Private agencies can also be considered if they fulfil municipal tasks and the project meets the conditions of the funding law and the fields of action. The funding of non-investment, person-related measures is possible through the STARK program (guideline STARK). The EWG is your partner for the application.

Further information and documents on STARK can be found here (German).

Please also visit the websites on structural change in Saxony-Anhalt (German).