Rural district representation in EMMD

The Anhalt-Bitterfeld rural district is a member of Europäische Metropolregion Mitteldeutschland e.V. (EMMD). This country-spanning platform for action establishes connections between companies, cities and rural districts, chambers and associations and colleges and research facilities in Central Germany. The players from Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia collaboratively strive to facilitate projects for sustainably developing and marketing the region.

EWG represents the Anhalt-Bitterfeld rural district in the EMMD’s committees and work groups - The respective activities focus on the domains of ‘science & location development/sport’ and ‘science & research’. In this regard, we work closely with the Anhalt-Bitterfeld rural district’s office for economic development, marketing and ÖPNV (local public transport), which in turn looks after the domains of ‘traffic and mobility’, ‘culture and tourism’ and ‘demography and education’ in parallel. Together, we introduce projects from Anhalt-Bitterfeld, transfer the respective information from the metropolitan region to the rural district and network them. Anhalt-Bitterfeld thus benefits from the radiance of the Halle/Leipzig metropolitan area.