Qualification offers with ego.-WISSEN

Are you planning to go into business for yourself and looking for information for founding a company? Have you already founded a company, and do you want to strengthen yourself with business knowledge?



EWG is the project executing organisation for the implementation of qualification measures within the framework of support for business start-up in the Anhalt-Bitterfeld rural district. The courses are conducted in Dessau-Roßlau or Bitterfeld-Wolfen in accordance with our concept. They are conducted by BBI GmbH, which is a training partner engaged by us.

Participation is free of cost, and it is offered in two phases.

1. Pre-founding qualification
This phase is geared towards parties that are interested in founding operations and which would like to conduct the said founding operations within a year. It encompasses 60 class hours which deal with the following contents:

  • Businessman’s personality/Foundational preparation
  • Company conception
  • Financing and support
  • Social protection
  • Calculation, pricing and order processing
  • Taxes and finance office
  • Trade law and a businessman’s obligations, trade regulation act, Handicrafts Regulation Act, independent professions

2. Post-formation acquisition qualification
This phase is geared towards self-employed persons, and it is associated with a maximum time frame of five years after founding. The participants shall receive special support in the form of the sum of 100 euros [recipients of ALG 2 (unemployment benefit): 25 euros) per day of participation (8 hours). The following contents are imparted in 200 class hours:

  • A businessman’s personality and conflict, time and stress management
  • Social and operating protections, human resource management
  • Office organisation, order processing
  • Accounting system, bookkeeping, costing and controlling
  • Trade law and tax law in business operations
  • Purchase contract, service contract, works contract
  • Marketing, competition

The offers for parties interesting in founding operations and young entrepreneurs in Anhalt-Bitterfeld are based on the ‘ego.-WISSEN’ programme, and they are implemented using funds from both the European Social Fund (ESF) and the state of Saxony-Anhalt.

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