perANHALTer for corporate success

Informative - Inspiring - Connecting - Regular

Pragmatism or vision - There are many sources of solutions to new challenges. We bring together visionary entrepreneurs and experts to think about future-oriented business models.

"perANHALTer zum Unternehmenserfolg" is a joint series of events

  • of the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences,
  • of the EWG,
  • of the Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft Anhalt-Bitterfeld I Dessau-Rosslau I Wittenberg (Anhalt-Bitterfeld I Dessau-Rosslau I Wittenberg Business Development Corporation),
  • of the state initiative “Fachkraft im Fokus" (Experts under zoom),
  • of the Agentur für Arbeit Dessau-Roßlau-Wittenberg (Dessau-Roßlau-Wittenberg Employment Agency) and
  • of the IHK Halle Dessau (Chamber of Industry and Commerce of Halle-Dessau).

The workshops featuring an exchange of experience and ideas will focus on the topics of digitisation and industry 4.0. They are becoming more and more important in most companies. There is a wide range of possibilities for adaptation, from the simple use of digitisation potentials to the highly complex development of own digital business models.

In line with the motto: Join us - Let us brainstorm together!  Experts from science and business present current trends, results or outlooks at the workshops and stimulate discussion. Take advantage of our simplified approach to science! In this way, "perANHALTer" turns spectators into protagonists and creators.

You can register for the free events via the website of Anhalt University of Applied Sciences. Please follow the link.

For information on current events in this series please follow the heading Aktuelles.