Living in Anhalt-Bitterfeld

Full of life - Educated - Active - Connected

More than 161,000 people live in Anhalt-Bitterfeld. The youngest members of our society have access to excellent childcare and a wide range of educational opportunities across the country:

  • 89 day care centres
  • 37 primary schools
  • 7 special schools
  • 9 secondary schools
  • 2 community schools
  • 1 integrative comprehensive school
  • 4 grammar schools
  • 2 vocational schools
  • 1 university
  • 1 district adult education centre with three branches

The exceptionally well-developed infrastructure is the reason why it is easy to get to work, and there are good services close to where you live, be it shopping facilities, medical facilities and therapeutic services, along with easily accessible administrative facilities. In addition, there is a dense network of social institutions.

There is a wide range of housing alternatives, from remote homesteads to chic apartments, from spaces that are close to nature to those that have a city vibe, from rental to ownership options. No matter where your home is located in Anhalt-Bitterfeld, you will never have to spend your leisure time by yourself. There is bustling life everywhere in the 756 clubs in the rural district. Be it the fire brigade volunteers, the local heritage management, sports, carnival or the cultivation of traditions, handicrafts or creative work, nature and environmental conservation or art and culture - the people of Anhalt-Bitterfeld are active and innovative and make use of the wide range of leisure activities or the free space that nature has to offer.