Availability of space/real estate

Very well developed - with excellent logistical connections - in the middle of Germany

There are more than 70 commercial and industrial estates with a total area of almost 3,200 hectares - distributed over the entire district of Anhalt-Bitterfeld - where large individual areas are ready and waiting for the implementation of new ideas. Moreover, it is possible to make use of properties in various sizes using different equipment to meet your requirements.

The management of these areas and real estate is mostly the responsibility of the local authorities or private owners with whom the EWG works closely together. Currently particularly interesting offers are being integrated into the location database of the Investitions- und Marketinggesellschaft Sachsen-Anhalt (i. e. Investment and Marketing Corporation of Saxony-Anhalt (IMG)). In addition, the database of the Central German Metropolitan Region also contains a detailed list of commercial real estate from the Anhalt-Bitterfeld rural district, such as areas or halls.