International Green Week – Organisation of the rural district appearance

Do you produce or market regional products from Anhalt-Bitterfeld? Do you want to present your successes or offers to a global audience?

Every year, exhibitors from the Anhalt-Bitterfeld rural district present interesting delicacies that can be ‘pulled up and enjoyed’ at the International Green Week (IGW), which is the world’s largest trade fair for food, agriculture and horticulture. The BioCafé in the Saxony-Anhalt Hall makes it possible for trade fair guests to interrupt their rounds and treat themselves to the diversity that the rural district has to offer.  The joint stand features products that are changed daily, and provides information about tourism-related offerings pertaining to the Anhalt-Bitterfeld region.

The rural district administration and EWG are jointly responsible for organising the trade show appearance. The focus is on the appealing presentation of successful and new products from Anhalt-Bitterfeld.

Please approach us if you are interested in participating in the stand’s activities!