Holidays at companies - Ferientage in Unternehmen

Do you consider career orientation to be an important topic? Do you want to advertise your open apprenticeship training positions, or offer holiday jobs or student internships? Do you want to introduce young people to your company?

School holidays provide several options for vacations and other leisure activities. Nevertheless, school students should keep an eye on the challenges that emerge after the school years. For several of them, the critical phase begins even before the marathon task of applying for an apprentice position. Visiting a potential workplace or training company is one way to find out whether one has made the right career choice.

EWG Anhalt-Bitterfeld mbH and the labour office use the Holidays at companies home page to supply an overview of the career orientation offers that regional companies provide to young people studying in a standard ranging from the 7th to the 12th.

EWG plays an active role in the school and economy workgroup, and collaborates with the qualified teachers who are responsible for career guidance, in order to make young people curious about topics related to career orientation.