Contents of competitions, facts and information

Have you introduced a new product, process or service into the market? Is Anhalt-Bitterfeld your place of business, or has your innovation been realised in the rural district?

EWG Anhalt-Bitterfeld mbH responsively offers the competition for the best innovations in the rural district within the context of the Reiner-Lemoine Founder Award Anhalt-Bitterfeld. Various institutions support us energetically in this regard by:

  • providing prize money,
  • collaborating within the context of the independent selection committee and
  • establishing partnerships and sponsoring arrangements.

Innovative products, processes and services or special marketing activities (e. g. new models of cooperation or sales) that generated or will generate market-relevant results should be rewarded and presented to the public.

Companies in the area of the current rural district were decorated for their future-oriented dedication for the first time in the year 2002. Another visionary was the name giver Reiner Lemoine (1949-2006), who made an enormous contribution as a pioneer in the field of renewable energies. During his lifetime, he founded the Reiner Lemoine Foundation. As the name giver for the competitions, it collaborates with EWG in the spirit of partnership. Since the year 2014, the joint prize of the Anhalt-Bitterfeld district administrator and Kreissparkasse Anhalt-Bitterfeld, which is endowed with the sum of 5000 EUR, has been accompanied by a special statuette that was designed by artist Katja Neubert. Other special prizes given out by various competition supporters are endowed with prize money lying in the range of 1000 EUR to 2000 EUR.

Innovative companies and founders from Anhalt-Bitterfeld have been called up once again for the year 2021 to use the 10th competition as an opportunity to join the contest for the most promising innovations in the rural district. As the event organiser, EWG shall be accepting participation documents after the competition begins - This is scheduled to happen in March 2021. An independent selection committee chooses the prize winners.

The report on the award ceremony provides a look back at the innovations that were decorated in the year 2018.