From us - Originated in Anhalt-Bitterfeld

Striking - Inspiring - Regional

It serves as a reminder of our roots, tradition or better sustainability. Regional consumption is close to the hearts of many consumers. The label "VON UNS - aus Anhalt-Bitterfeld" (From us - originated in Anhalt-Bitterfeld) stands for goods that were produced in the district. Clearly visible, the label does more than merely draw the attention of Anhalt-Bitterfeld residents. Products become ambassadors both inside and outside the district: We have good products that we can be proud of!

"VON UNS - aus Anhalt-Bitterfeld" was initiated by the partners of the entrepreneur network "Internationale Grüne Woche", (International Green Week) which consists mainly of direct marketers of the region, the EWG and the rural district of Anhalt-Bitterfeld.

The label

  • shows the solidarity with the region,
  • increases the awareness of regionally manufactured products and services,
  • boosts sales.
  • generates fresh prospects and
  • strengthens existing value chains in the district.

"VON UNS - aus Anhalt-Bitterfeld" is available in the following variants:

  • "Product" or "Producer": for manufacturers of regional products in the district; prerequisite: Products must be manufactured in the district of Anhalt-Bitterfeld or the company must have its headquarters in the district.
  • "Distributor": for companies that distribute products with the confirmed label "Product"
  • "Gastronomer": for restaurants or catering establishments offering products with the confirmed label "Product"
  • "Craftsmen": for craftsmen from the rural district
  • "Service provider": for service providers from the rural district
  • "Team ABI": for all those who want to support the idea of the initiative, for example associations, administrations or citizens who want to show their commitment to their homeland with this initiative.

The label can be used free of charge. Further information and the application form can be found in the download section.