Beginning of competition and participation documents

Do you want to start participating in the new competition phase right from day one? Do you have an idea, and do you want to implement it in the run-up to the competition?

The next bidding phase of the Reiner-Lemoine Innovation Award is scheduled to begin in the year 2021. The important dates pertaining to the execution of the competition shall be disclosed right here when the competition begins. We shall also report on the opening event.

We had originally planned to hold the tenth competition round for the best innovations of the Anhalt-Bitterfeld rural district in the year 2020. The restrictions that were put in place over the course of the corona pandemic called for everybody’s attention. The competition has therefore been postponed by one year. District administrator Uwe Schulze expressed his regrets in this regard: “We are aware of the fact that the positive signals that would have emerged through the presentation of the innovative power of the Anhalt-Bitterfeld rural district would also have been rich in symbolism during these times. However, given the fact that we are currently going through a period of time in which several companies are dealing with a stressful economic situation, we would prefer to pool our strengths at the moment and celebrate together at a later stage.”

Companies that bring their innovations into the market at this time and thus strengthen this business location through their special dedication shall not be placed at a disadvantage due to the postponement of the competition. We shall adjust the framework conditions accordingly.

A look back

The opening event of the previous competition round took place on 29 May 2018. It was hosted by the company that won the Reiner-Lemoine Innovation Award Anhalt-Bitterfeld in 2016, viz. KD Elektroniksysteme GmbH. On this occasion, general managers Ralf Kleinodt and Robert Rathman and the entire team gave the interested visitors a tour of the successful electronics company, presented work results and answered several questions. More than a hundred guests from regional companies, companies that were partners of the hosts, the political sector and the administrative sector accepted the invitation to the open house day and the opening event of the Reiner-Lemoine Innovation Award Anhalt-Bitterfeld 2018. Numerous young persons from Zerbst’s schools were also able to experience production processes first-hand and spend the entire morning at the company.

As preparation for the next competition round, we would be happy to provide all the interested parties with technological or innovation-related advice. We shall also supply tips pertaining to your industrial property rights. Talk to us in this regard!

The competition conditions and application firms can be downloaded after the competition begins in the year 2021.