Beginning of competition and participation documents

Did you found your company or start your career as a self-employed person less than two and a half years ago? Does your main occupation involve the provision of independent personal services in Anhalt-Bitterfeld?

As usual, the next Reiner-Lemoine Founder Award Anhalt-Bitterfeld will be offered as a prize at a publicly active event. We shall disclose the dates pertaining to the course of events right here on this occasion. We shall also report on the event. The participation conditions and application forms can be downloaded after the beginning of the event.

A look back

On 23 May 2019, the opening event of the previous competition round took place within the framework of an open house day in Bitterfeld-Wolfen. The joint event that was organised by Technologie- und Gründerzentrum Bitterfeld-Wolfen GmbH (TGZ), IHK Halle-Dessau and EWG had a lot of interesting stuff in store. The sightseeing tours through the various buildings and the visits to TGZ’s local companies were accompanied by the opening of the new office spaces of the IHK contact office in Bitterfeld-Wolfen. The Bitterfeld-Wolfen student laboratory provided insights into the options for getting to know chemistry in a practical manner that is oriented towards the respective class level. It also reported on the outstanding successes achieved in competitions throughout Germany by school students doing research at this laboratory. Numerous visitors took advantage of the extensive advice that was provided by various institutions and which pertained to subsidies, approval procedures and other topics.


All those who are still preparing their own business start-up or have recently begun their journey towards independence can find useful instructions and the contact details of our founding-related specialist in our founder support section.